Dave Wilson’s C4 2006 List

In 1990 I published the C-4 2000 list. Back then, C-4 lists were not very popular. In fact, the mere mention of a list at C-4 would have curled the hair on the back of a C-4 dancer’s neck… well, at least some of them. I wanted to give the C-3 dancer the opportunity to learn from a list of calls which would give them a good background without having to learn new calls and concepts which might have a short life. Therefore, I suggested to dancers, if they learn the calls on my list, those calls would still be in existence 10 years from then. I suggest the same now. Have fun!

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1 x N Solid Concept
1 x Nsome Concept
M x N Concept
M x N Matrix Concept
Nsome Concept
N Matrix Concept

1/4/ 3/4 Cross
1/4/ 3/4 The Alter
1/4 Wheel To A Diamond/Hourglass/Interlocked Diamond

3×1 Concept
3×1 Diamond Concept
3×3 Concept/4×4 Concept/NxN Concept

Advance To A Column (Finish)
All 8 Recycle Variations e.g. All 8 Cross Cycle, All 8 Cycle And
Alter The Diamond
Any Hand Concept
Any Tagging Call 3/4 And Trade
Any Tagging Call And Spin
Any Tagging Call Er’s Dream/Nightmare
Any Tagging Call Er’s Flow (Cross) (Criss Cross)
Any Tagging Call Eroo
Any Tagging Call To A Diamond
Any Tagging Call To An Hourglass/Interlocked Diamond/Z
Anyone Hop/Cross Hop
Anything An Anchor
Anything The Key
Anything To A Diamond
Arky Concept

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Back To Back Setup/Front To Back Setup Concept
Barge The Action
Barge Thru
Barrel Of Fun
Beau/Belle Tie (Cross)
Beep Beep
Bent Wave/Line (double bent)
Bits And Pieces
Break The Alamo
Bridge The Gap
Bring Us Together
Buckle And Anything

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Cast A Net
Cast An Anchor/Anything An Anchor/Cast An Anchor But
Centers Cut Out
Centers Thru And Close The Gate
Change J’s | Z’s
Change Lanes
Change O/Reverse Change O
Change The Apex
Chase Used As A Tagging Call
Chip Off
Circle To A Two-Faced Line
Clean Sweep (n/4)
Clear Out/Anything Clear Out
Clover The Horn (Cross)
Cloverleaf Turn
Collapse The Setup
Common Spot Formation Concept
Concentric Variations: Single Concentric Concept/Single Cross
Concentric Concept
Connect The Diamond
Continue To Invert (Cross)
Contour The Line
Cooperate/Cooperate But/Anything Cooperate (But)
Counter Point/Cross Counter Point
Counter Shake (Single)
Cover Up/Cover Up But/Anything Cover Up (But)
Crazy Phantom C/L/W Concept
Create A Column
Create A Diamond
Criss Cross Follow To A Diamond
Cross Cycle (Facing Couples)
Cross Extend
Cross Follow Thru
Linear Cycle but Cross it
Cross Lock The Hinge/Hinge The Cross Lock
Cross Sashay
Cross The Top
Cross To A Diamond/Hourglass/Interlocked Diamond
Cross To A Wave
Cross Town Roll
Curl Apart
Curli Cross The Top
Curli Pass
Curli Wheel
Curve In/Out Left/Right
Cut Across
Cut The Anything
Cykick (Cross)

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Delete Concept
Deuces Wild
Diamond Concept
Diamond Partnership Concept
Distorted Setup Concept
Divi Up
Dixie Chain
Dixie Daisy
Dixie Derby
Dixie Spin
Double Down (Cross)
Double The Wave
Double Your Pleasure (Cross, Criss Cross)

Easy Does It
Ends Cut In
Exchange The Setup (with fractions)
Explode The Clover

Fall Into A Column
Fan The Gate/Fan The Gating Anything
Fan Thru
Fan And Cross Thru
Ferris Trade And Wheel
Finally (Concept) Concept
Finish Anything
Finish The Stack
First Choice
Flare The Star
Flip The Anything
Follow And Cross/Follow And Criss Cross
Follow The Yellow Brick Road/Any Tagging Call The Yellow Brick
Follow The Yellow Bricking Anything/Any Tagging Call The Yellow
Bricking Anything
Follow To A Diamond/Hourglass/Interlocked Diamond (Cross) (Criss
Fractional Chain And Circulate In
Fractional Stable Concept
Fractional Twosome Concept/Fractional Solid Concept

Go First Class
Grand Working/Grand Working as Centers/Ends
Gruesome Twosome Concept

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Hang A Left/Right (Single)
Hang Loose
Head/Side Liners Naming Convention
Hinge And Trade (Single)
Hinge By
Hit The Wall
Hop The Lock/Top
Hot Foot Spin

I-J-K 1/4 The Alter
I-J-K-L 1/4 The Deucey
I-J-K Alter And Circulate
Ignore Concept
In/Out/Zoom Roll To A Wave
Inner/Outer Active Naming Convention
Interlace Concept
Interlocked Boxes Concept
Interlocked Parallelogram Concept
Interlocked Scoot The Diamond
Invert Used As A Tagging Call

Jam Thru

Kick The Habit

Lead The Class
Lift Off But
Like An Anything
Line Of 3 Concept
Linear Action But
Linear Action But Cross It
Linear Flow (Cross, Criss Cross)
Lock ‘Em Up/Anything ‘Em Up
Long Trip

Make A Pass (But, Cross)
Mark Time (Single)
Matrix Concept
Mini Butterfly Concept
Mini O Concept
Mini Pleasure (Cross)
Mix The Line (Single)
Multiple (Formations) Working (Direction)
Mystic Concept

Near/Far Concept
Nice And Easy
Nip And Tuck

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Offset Setup
Overlapping Diamond Concept

Pair The Line (Cross)
Pass The Top
Pass To The Outside
Peel And Trail The Deal/Trail And Peel The Deal
Phantom 1/4 Tag Concept
Phantom As Couples/Tandem Concept (Twosome)
Phantom C/L/W Concept (From A Parallelogram)
Phantom Box Concept (Interlocked)
Phantom Diamond Concept (Split, Interlocked)
Phantom Interlocked 1/4 Tag Concept
Phantom O/Butterfly
Piecewise Concept
Pin Wheel
Plus 1/Plus 2/Plus N Lateral Concept
Prefer(red) Concept
Push Off
Push Open The Gate

Quadruple Formation Concept
Quick Change
Quick Wrap

Relay The Diamond
Relay Your Pleasure
Remember The Alamo
Replace Concept
Replace The Column (Cross) (But)
Reverse Crazy Concept
Reverse Explode (Line)
Reverse Order
Reverse Random Concept
Reverse Stack The Line
Reverse The Diamond
Rewind Concept
Ride The Tide
Right/Left Roll The
Rigger Concept (In/Out, Left/Right, Front/Back)
Right And Left Roll
Right On
Rip Saw
Rip The Line
Roll ‘Em
Roll Out The Barrel
Roll Out To A Column
Roll The Wave
Round Off
Round And Cross
Round The Horn
Run Away (Cross)
Run The Top (Cross)
Run The Wheel
Run Wild

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Sashay Thru
Scoot Apart (Cross) (Criss Cross)
Set Back
Sets In Motion Plus 1/Plus 2
Settle Back
Shadow Setup (Cross)
Shadow The Column (Criss Cross)
Shadow To A Diamond (Cross, Criss Cross)
Ship Ahoy
Short And Sweet
Short Cut
Short Cycle
Short Trip
Shuffle And Wheel
Shuffle The Deck
Single Shuffle
Shuttle In/Out Left/Right/Anything
Single Scoot And Trade
Skew Concept
Skewsome Concept
Melded Skewsome Concept
Slim Down
Snag Anything
Snag Circulate
Snap Crackle And Pop
Snap The Diamond
Snap The Tag
Soft Touch/Soft Anything
Solid Concept
Spin A Wheel
Spin Back/Fan Back
Spin Chain And Circulate In/Fan Chain And Circulate In/ n/4 Chain
And Circulate In
Spin Chain The Star
Spin Tag The Deucey
Splash In/Out Left/Right/Anything
Split And Cross
Split Cast/ n/4 Split Cast
Split Phantom 1/4 Tag Concept (in a 3 by 8 matrix)
Split Phantom 1/4 Tag Concept (in a 6 by 4 matrix)
Split Phantom C/L/W Concept (From Parallelogram)
Split Phantom Diamonds (by extension from S.P. 1/4 Tags in a 3 x
Split The Difference
Square Out
Square The Barge (n/4)
Square The Bases Plus 2
Square Turn Thru
Stack The Wheel
Standard Concept
Star To A Wave
Start A Concept
Step Lively
Steps At A Time Variations: (Criss) Cross Steps At A Time
Straight Away (Cross, But)
Straight Fire
Stretched Formation Concept
Strike Out
Stroll And Cycle
Stroll Down The Lane
Swap The Windmill (Cross) (Reverse) (Reverse Cross)
Swat The Flea
Swing About
Swing Chain Concept
Swing To A Column
Swivel (Cross)

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Tag Circulate
Tag The Star
Tall Six/Short Six Concept
Tally Ho But
Tap The Anyone
The Action
The Difference
Touch And Go
Touch Of Class
Touch Tone
Tow Truck
Trace Concept/Interlocked Trace Concept
Track 0 1 3 4
Trail And Peel
Trail Instead Of Peel Concept
Trail The Bobbin
Trans Anything
Triangle Calls
Triangular Box Concept
Trim The Web
Triple Cast
Triple Formation Concept
Triple Turn
Triple Twin C/L/W Concept
Trixie Spin
Tunnel In/Out/Left/Right/Thru/Anything
Turn And Left Thru
Turn And Q
Turn And Weave
Turn Away
Turn By
Turn On
Turn Over
Turntable (Centers Go As You Are)
Twin Parallelograms
Twin Phantom Quarter Tags
Twin Phantom Tidal Waves

Veer And Turn
Vertical Turn And Deal

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Walk Out To A Column
Walk The Clover
Walk The Cross Clover
Walk The Plank/Anything The Plank
Wheel Fan And Cross Thru
Wheel To A Diamond/Hourglass/Interlocked Diamond
Wheel To A Line
Wipe Out
With Finesse
Working As A Unit Concept

Yo Yo Concept
You All

Zip The Top
Zoom Roll Circulate

A very big thanks to Kathy Godfrey. In 1990, my 2000 list took more than a month to compile. In 1996, with her Unified List, I didn’t have to search for the calls that were being called by others. Thank you.

Dave Wilson – Jan96

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